About Burpy

Way back in 2008, I dived into the world of blogs.

Design and tech? Those were my playgrounds.

I could talk hours about pixels and codes, and how they intertwined to form a symphony on the web.

Then, something shifted. There was this tiny seed of passion, growing and demanding its space.

It wasn’t about design or technology anymore, but a passion that satiated not just the mind, but the soul.

That’s how Burpy came alive. A place where the sizzle of the pan, the aroma of spices, and the fusion of flavors took the center stage.

Cooking Solo Vs. Cooking with the Squad

Now, sometimes, the kitchen is my sanctum – a place where I lose and find myself. The steady rhythm of chopping, the meditative stir of the spoon, and the satisfaction of tasting something just right – that’s what I call solo therapy.

But other times? It’s a family gig!

Sundays? Oh boy, they’re special! My wife, my daughters, and myself – we transform into this unbeatable team. Whipping up course after course, tasting, laughing, and creating memories – Sundays are when the kitchen witnesses the best kind of chaos.

What’s Burpy about?

Ever wandered into the maze of the internet looking for that perfect recipe and got lost in the technical jargon? Been there, done that. Burpy is here to simplify that chaos for you.

If you’re familiar with the Burpy name, that’s because it used to be a delivery service in Texas. Used to, but not anymore. Now it’s a cooking blog with lots of useful info for people wanting to make better meals for themselves.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Imagine a place where:

  • Food talks more than just ingredients.
  • Every dish has a story, and
  • Every recipe is like a cozy chat with your bestie.


Always remember, life’s too short for bland food. So, why not add a little spice to it?

Stay hungry, and keep Burpin’! 🍔🍕🍜🍰